Our research group is studying in depth some themes related to the wide range of Product Design for Environment concepts and issues. Several methodologies and design tools have been developed in the following research fields:

The methodologies and tools developed in relation to these areas of research can constitute a valid assistance for companies sensitive to the environmental question. From this viewpoint, the following strategic activities of company counseling are possible:

Basic concepts, themes, references and other information on our research activity at DIIM of Catania University are summarized in a brochure (pdf file, to read it you need the free viewer Adobe Reader). Our vision of life cycle approach to product design, with a complete methodological statement and an in-depth overview on methods and tools developed, is proposed in our new book Product Design for the Environment: A Life Cycle Approach (CRC/Taylor & Francis, January 2006).


Main research fields


Evaluation of product and processes environmental impacts



Environmental characterization of materials and recyclability



Optimal materials selection



Analysis of potential environmental strategies and service/recovery planning



Modularization of product architecture



Design for disassembly and optimal disassembly planning



Cost-benefit analysis of recovery



Simulation of product life cycle






New book on Product Design for Environment


Brochure on research activity



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